Rise by lifting others…

Remember being a kid? Was there anything you wanted more than meeting your super hero or your favorite cartoon? Did you ever care how 5 star rated your school was?
Not everyone needs help in the form of money.

Once I was on my way back home from office, and while crossing the road I saw a cyclist falling down due to the speedy truck next to him. He was a man from his thirties. He had his helmet, yet a little bruised and wounded. He was craving for help from the people looking at him from the adjacent shops. No one bothered to even come forward and pick up his bicycle. I asked him for help and all I could hear from him was, “Thank you sister, you asked for help that’s more than enough”. He picked up his cycle and sat down a nearby tree. I offered him a little water that I had in my bottle. He drank few sips and thanked me with a big smile. I went home happily with the feeling of satisfaction and contentment. Smiles are truly contagious, go and contaminate as many as you can 🙂


Lately, the earthquake in Nepal brought people from various diversities to work together for the humanity. Though Nepal falls under one of the world’s most active seismic zones, the post-earthquake support from each and every person in India and other countries cannot be overlooked. This reminds me of a recent incident I wish to share with you all.
I usually go to nearby schools for teaching and other social activities for NGO. Just a day after the Nepal earthquake, I visited the school children for summer camp activity. We had collected some toys and clothes as a part of the donation drive to help the children. We gathered the children in the hall to distribute the toys/clothes.  I started with the 5 year old Amir, I handed over a shirt, a plastic cricket bat and snacks to him. To my amazement, the words said by this kid melted my heart. He said, “Didi, ye muje nahi chahiye, kya ap ise meri taraf se Nepal bhej sakte ho? Mene TV pe dekha ke wahan sab bimar hai or unke paas ye sab nahi hai”. The little boy taught me the key to humanity knows no bounds, If you can’t give, at least share…!

There was this poor little soul, who knew nothing about earthquake, who had no luxuries in life, no good food to eat, no proper clothes to wear, yet he was thankful for what he had and wanted to share a part of his share to the earthquake relief victims. And there were people like me, who simply dismissed the ad that popped up on Facebook that read “Donate funds for Nepal”.


I have seen and experienced the fact that the amount Humanity is inversely proportional to the amount of wealth that exists in our accounts. The rich donate because it saves their taxes; the poor donate because they were the victims of the suffering. After all, signing cheques are easier than sweating out your efforts.

I have always shared my time and efforts for the betterment of the poor kids in and around me. Humanity is not merely providing some form of help; if you can donate your time/efforts to someone, that’s more than enough. In so many years all I have learnt is, everyday be the reason for someone’s smile. Making one person smile can change the world, may not be the whole world, but at least their world. Start small…start now 🙂

Sharing a small poem on humanity after the Nepal earthquake,

Nepal hila, Hindustan hila aur hil gaya Pakistan…
Na Jesus aaye na Allah aye kaha gaye bhagwan…??
Hai kaun Hindu, kaun Sikh, kaun hai Musalman…
Prakrati ke aage bebas hai har insaan….
Hai samaan sab uski nazar me….
Yaha nahi chalta Bible na Ved na Quran…
Mat ulajh is pakhand mei…
Ab to jaag ja ae murkh insaan….
Naaz bahut tha apni tarakki pe sabhi logo ko…
Kudrat Ki ek jhapki ne aukaat bata di…
Na Hindu dikha, na Musalmaan dikha…
Bhagta hua sirf insaan dikha….!!!!

Now-a-days people distance themselves from each other, but it is the adversities that unite them. We are one, we are humans. I have faith in humanity and I am confident to restore it in the hearts of many.


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  1. Nitin Chandran Nair says:

    Good piece 🙂

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