Raksha Bandhan – brother’s day!!

“A brother is a friend God gave you, a friend is a brother your heart chose for you”

Raksha bandhan / Rakhi purnima is a festival celebrated on the full moon day of the Shravan month of Hindu calendar. In sanskrit, raksha bandhan means the tie or knot of protection.


The festival is entirely dedicated to the love, affection and pledge for protection between siblings. A sacred thread of Rakhi, symbolizes the most beautiful relationship with an inseparable bond of love and trust. Rakhi is a simple thread that is either embellished, decorated with amulets or a plain colorful thread that is tied by a sister on her brother’s wrist. It marks the significance of a sweet remembrance and a bond stronger than iron chains.

It symbolizes sister’s love and prayer’s for her brother’s well being and the brother’s lifelong vow to protect his sister from all evils and take care of her under all circumstances.

The custom of Rakhi celebrations started in ancestral period and even today it marks a celebration with fervor and love. The festival is not only for siblings sharing the same blood bond, but also for biologically unrelated people who consider each other as siblings.

The festival is cerebrated by an aarti followed by tying a Rakhi around brother’s wrist,  feeding him sweets and applying tilak on his forehead. In turn, the brother gifts his sister with a token of love and a promise of protection throughout her life.


Disappointing  sight of Raksha bandhan, is when a Rakhi is USED as a weapon by females to ward off the phenomenon of “Wanna fraandship?” & “proposal” request by the philanderers. It has been an escape mechanism to keep boys at bay.

Nevertheless, the sacredness of the holy thread deserves celebrations with the brother and a sister willing to share the bond of true love in the form of a bandhan tied by a Rakhi 🙂


Happy Raksha Bandhan to all the brother’s in the world….stay blessed!!


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