Hampi – A kingdom carved out of stone

In the end we regret only the chances we did not take

A family trip to Hospet for one of the wedding ritual and reception of my cousin proved fruitful.  An avid traveler who could avoid the post wedding rituals to visit Hampi could be none other than me 😉 I had to make the most of my one day stay I had in Hospet. Being a frequent traveler, the main motive to visit the destination was the magnetic pull of Hampi – the historic destination of South India and the kingdom of medieval era.

About Hampi

Hampi is all about the history, the ruins and remains of the Vijayanagar Empire of 1336-1646 eras. Set in a surreal and beautiful boulder-strewn landscape, Vijayanagar (the City of Victory) is UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, conferred to Hampi in 1986. Although the city was destroyed by raiding Moghul invaders in the 16th century, much of it remains today. Hampi is nestled within the ruins of medieval city of Vijayanagar in the state of Karnataka, on the banks of the Tungabhadra River.


The vast arid landscapes amidst the river banks make the climate of Hampi, a favorable tourist hotspot. Best time to visit Hampi is from September to February as the climate is pleasant.



It is an arid landscape filled with millions of boulders and huge stones that have interesting stories associated with them. The lush oasis amidst the desiccated stones of Hampi seems like a sundae garnished with condiments 😀

Hampi monuments are popular with travel seekers, excited tourists, curious researchers and exotic Bollywood makers.  The most popular Jackie Chan movie – Myth  is shot here.

Enjoy a full day sightseeing tour of the ancient ruins that is spread over 26 sq km area, many of which lie in and around Hampi Bazaar and the nearby riverside area, which also encompasses the city’s most sacred enclave of temples and ghats.


Hampi will simply change your mind-set about India, as this small village destination has so much to impart to its urban counterparts! If you are a wanderer like me, you are surely going to love this place as it offers cheap accommodation, gives you the chance to meet people from different countries, makes you feel free and rejoice the culture of medieval era.

Hospitable, friendly and culturally wealthy people are what you are likely to encounter here.  It is also a great place for solo travelers who love their ambles and snoozes, exploring a culturally rich and vibrant place.

Languages spoken – English, Kannada, Hindi


  1. Vittala Temple
  2. Virupaksha Temple
  3. Zenana Enclosure
  4. Sule Bazaar:
  5. Achyutaraya Temple
  6. Nandi Statue
  7. Elephant Stables
  8. Hemakuta Hill
  9. Underground Shiva Temple
  10. Queen’s Bath and Royal Centre

How to Reach

The gateway town to Hampi is Hospet. Hospet is connected to the major travel hubs in the state of Karnataka.

By Air: Bellari and Hubli, but the airport consumes 2-3 hours of road travel to Hampi.

By Rail: Hospet is the most reachable station to Hampi.

By Road: Hampi is well-connected by road. You can visit Hampi using the intercity government buses (KSRTC) or the luxurious Volvos from the neighboring states.

From Hospet, you get bikes and cycles for rent for traveling through Hampi. Also you can avail the cab/bus service if you have a huge group/family.


Not posting anything under this section as I had relatives to offer a halt. Nevertheless, stay in Hampi is very inexpensive, making it an ideal budget getaway.

Hope my blog helps you for your visit to Hampi 😉 Would love to hear from you…

In the end it feels good to be lost in the right direction, isn’t it? 😀


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  1. nitinnair says:

    Nicely put. Can you add a Google Map in your post?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ruchi says:

      Yeah Sure!
      Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestion 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Rushi Pradhan says:

    I haven’t been to that place and not interested in travelling but I could imagine the place based on your description! You are a good writer keeping things quite simple, precise and grammatically correct. Would like to bump into you on some tour 😉 Keep travelling and njoy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ruchi says:

      Thank you so much Rushi 🙂
      Your valuable inputs keep motivating me…


    2. Ruchi says:

      Thank you Rushi…Not everyone puts in the details in the feedback…thanks a lot for appreciating my efforts 🙂 Means a lot to a beginner like me.


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