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Forge Valley Wood – A walk beside the melted ice from the Ice age

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks. A day out in Forges Valley was a dynamic plan that springed us 10 mins ahead of our departure. It was a bright and a sunny day for the Britishers, however, for me it was pleasant and cold enough to be snuggled into… Continue reading Forge Valley Wood – A walk beside the melted ice from the Ice age

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He thought of putting down his papers for better opportunities. The newspaper on his breakfast table read, "Mass layoffs in the IT industry" The next day, email popped, "Congratulations, you've been promoted" Life has its own way of giving shocks & surprises!

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You should not miss this if you’re a foodie

Are you tired of asking the sandwich wala for some extra cheese and butter? Does the extra cheese light up your face? Well, then this a paradise for a foodie in you. Get up and head towards a foodie destination, 'Gurukripa' where your taste buds are put to senses. Gurukripa in a sit-down and take… Continue reading You should not miss this if you’re a foodie

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This is why you should trek to Kalsubai this monsoon…

Having trekked Kalsubai at the extreme weather conditions, here are few observations penned in this blog. Hope this helps you plan your trek flawlessly. About Kalsubai Kalsubai is the most renowned, crowded and the highest peak of Maharashtra with the summit at an elevation of 5400 ft above sea level. The peak is titled after… Continue reading This is why you should trek to Kalsubai this monsoon…

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Looking for one day easy-treks around Mumbai?

Lohagad (Iron Fort) Elevation - 1,033 m (3,389 ft) above sea level District - Pune Base Village - 5 kms from Malavali village Nearest Station - Malavli or Lonavla Nearby Attractions - Bhaja Caves, Karla Caves, Lonavla, Aamby Valley City Speciality - Large gates, intact fort walls, carved by Buddhists, Vinchu kata Tikona Elevation - 1,066 m (3,500… Continue reading Looking for one day easy-treks around Mumbai?

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Fireflies, a Mystical Summer Attraction

Fireflies are also knows as glow worms, winged beetles or lighting bugs. The light production is due to the chemical reaction called bio luminescence. The process occurs in firefly's light emitting organ - usually the lower abdomen. A chemical reaction produces the light - when oxygen combines with calcium, adenosine triphosphate (ATP—the energy-carrying molecule of… Continue reading Fireflies, a Mystical Summer Attraction

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10 Reasons Why You Should Go Camping…

This blog explains the benefits of camping. Wanna experience it?

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Thank you 2016

(Because I'm writing this blog during Modi's speech, I had to use this word :-D) Mitron, 1st January is not a start. 31st December is not an end. They are nothing but a transition and change in calendar. Promise yourself to fight hard, fall and get up again. Chase your dreams, grabs those exciting opportunities,… Continue reading Thank you 2016

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A CEO was interviewed. Lady asked the girl, "Beta, can you cook?" She answered in fear, "No aunty, but I can learn." Lady replied, "It's better you don't learn, because my son loves to cook." And the Entrepreneur married a Master Chef.   #BreakingStereotypes #ArrangedMarriage #RuchiWrites #ShortStories

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Teacher - "Children, write an essay on Santa Claus." Student - She is beautiful. She helps me with my homework. She feeds me. She helps poor kids. She doesn't wear red gown and black boots. She doesn't have beard and cap. But she fulfills all my wishes. I love my Santa. This Christmas, a single… Continue reading #Christmas