He thought of putting down his papers for better opportunities. The newspaper on his breakfast table read, “Mass layoffs in the IT industry” The next day, email popped, “Congratulations, you’ve been promoted” Life has its own way of giving shocks & surprises!

Thank you 2016

(Because I’m writing this blog during Modi’s speech, I had to use this word :-D) Mitron, 1st January is not a start. 31st December is not an end. They are nothing but a transition and change in calendar. Promise yourself to fight hard, fall and get up again. Chase your dreams, grabs those exciting opportunities,…


A CEO was interviewed. Lady asked the girl, “Beta, can you cook?” She answered in fear, “No aunty, but I can learn.” Lady replied, “It’s better you don’t learn, because my son loves to cook.” And the Entrepreneur married a Master Chef.   #BreakingStereotypes #ArrangedMarriage #RuchiWrites #ShortStories