Sandakphu Phalut trek – Part 4

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After an hour, another gang of trek members popped in and this time we greeted them and introduced ourselves. They also left their bags and went for sight seeing as we did.


Image Courtesy – Swanand

Yay! After a pauper-breakfast and no-lunch day, we were excited to hear the word “TEA TIME”. We immediately took our cups and came running towards the kitchen. (Imagine a bunch of rats running for cheese :D). Meanwhile another gang arrived the base camp and joined us for tea.


After sipping the warm tea amidst the chilled misty weather, we were asked to be present in the dining hall with medical certificate, declarations, and IndiaHikes personal record form for document verification. It is always better to carry a copy of photo identification and one original ID proof (Since my imaginations take me to unplanned destinations, I always keep my passport handy :D)

We had nothing to do (we, the residents of metropolitan city are glued to mobiles ubiquitously). Luckily there was hardly any mobile network and this gave us an opportunity to live life away from technological advances.


Image Courtesy – Swanand

We interacted with fellow trekkers, went sight seeing, clicked loads of pictures, had funny photo shoots, explored village, interacted with locals…had a gala time without checking our whatsapp and facebook notifications time to time.

It was time for soup (Yay!). We had a small meet where we were educated about the green trails and the do’s and dont’s for the trek. The meet last for an hour followed by the most awaited dinner. We had a full course meal starting from the hot vegetable soup to the delicious sweet (something like soan papdi with condensed milk poured on it). After dinner, it started raining heavily. We could hear every drop of rain splashing the ground. We moved to our respective rooms to have a good nights sleep at 8pm.

There is a LIFE to live beyond just survival…

(To be continued)


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  1. Nirmalreddyk says:

    Kahaani adhuri rah gayi. Kab puri karoge ?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ruchi says:

      I need pictures and my trek diary to remember the routine and complete it 😂 will try to finish it soon…part 5 n 6 in draft stage since 4 months…


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