Sandakphu Phalut trek – Part 3

“You will find more in the woods than in the books.”

Interested to know how I reached the base camp? Read Sandakhphu Phalut trek Part 2 .


Image Courtesy – Jang Vijay

After a lot of twists and turns amidst India and Nepal borders, we finally reached our base camp – Jaubari. Our happiness knew no bounds since we were excused from the dreadful zero visibility roads and the picturesque roller coaster ride. We picked our backpacks and headed towards the base camp.


The camp was built approx 100m downhill from the road. We reached early to acclimatize ourselves at low oxygen levels. We were greeted by Sandeep – our India  Hikes trek lead (TL) and Suman ji – the infra lead. In the extreme summer month of May we very lucky enough to experience a cool and chilly day with wintry weather, (12 degree Celsius) which you can never experience in any metropolitan city at this time.


Image Courtesy – Neil Sen

Our TL offered my friends a choice of one of the 5 available rooms, out of which one was reserved only for women (which was of course reserved for me and my unknown besties). My friends were elated to find a 3-bed room all for themselves.

The first thing we went searching for, was the toilet (a garbage bin to collect the extra waste and water produced by our body). Yeah, everything here had a meaning for life, mountains are so educative and seductive. Try it once, you will come back again and again and again 😀


Image Courtesy – Prakash M

Later, we ventured into the village with our shooting gears (here it refers to cameras and tripod :D). The village seemed like a valley of colorful flowers hung on the mountain wall. Every house was adorned with a garden that had variety of vegetable cultivation ranging from potatoes, cabbages, turnips, carrots, etc.


Image Courtesy – Neil Sen

The camp site was built on a steep descent which was paved by steps in the center surrounded by cultivated lands. There was a barren land that we spotted few metres away, it was a play ground for school kids for outdoor sports.

The fog grew dense as time passed. After completing our funny photo shoots (don’t ask me for those pictures) and exploration, we moved back to our lodge, as it was getting cold.

(To be continued…)



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