Travel to Bhutan

The geography of Bhutan lies within the majestic ranges of Eastern Himalayas in South Asia. It is majorly bordered by China to its north and tri-angled by India on remaining sides. The extended countries surrounding Bhutan include Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Thimphu, is the capital city of Bhutan.

Courtesy – Britannica

How to reach Bhutan?
Well, Bhutan is accessible by road, rail and air from many countries.

By Road :

Phuntsholing in Bhutan is a border town that allows travelers to enter the country by road. Govt. authorized buses, private cars and personal vehicles can easily travel through the Land of Thunder Dragon.

By Rail :

The nearest Indian Railway station is Hasimara (approx 19km). You can avail the cab services offered outside the railway station till Jaigaon (Indian side of Indo-Bhutan border)

By Air :

Paro is the international airport of Bhutan (there is no history associated with Devdas though :D). There are direct flights from Kolkata/Delhi/Kathmandu to Paro. Bhutan has only one airline service – Druk Air, the national carrier of Bhutan.


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