Bangalore Days – Hungry souls


After a prolonged practice for three months, followed by rigorous practice for few weeks, we were ready to face the war! But this time battle was fixed between the corporates of India and not between the countries. We were geared up with our guns (tips) and cannons (tricks) to face the enemy.
IMG_20150809_083834Discussing the Strategy for the team

It was a sunny day and we were completely enervated and drenched in sweat.


However, after few hours of the matches, God was grateful to us. The bright sunny day suddenly transformed in gloomy weather. The climate helped us soothe our body and soul from the tiring matches, the cloudy weather soon followed by little drizzle…ahhh it was a feather to our cap. We started moving towards the area that had roof to protect us from the rain.


Adjoining the basketball court, there were few construction workers/labourers who were living with their families in the hut built from old aluminium sheets.There I met the kids of these workers. Though they did not have the dress to appeal, their eyes spoke the language of simplicity and innocence. They were playing happily in the mud with no worries of spoiling their dresses. And we were apprehensive about our jerseys getting wet…
IMG_20150809_134716After our day one matches (3 matches per day), the players were given refreshments.  These two girls were playing beside me. I could see the hungry eyes watching my plate. I sat down beside them and handed over the plate to the little girl, she was hesitant at the beginning, but later she readily accepted. IMG_20150809_134805

The world’s hunger is getting ridiculous.
The rich man’s shampoo has more fruits than the poor man’s plate 😦

The matches for the day ended and we had to head back to our respective guest houses for some rest followed by a lavish dinner. The whole night I pondered upon, how lucky we are, we have a roof to live, food to eat, branded clothes to wear, expensive gadgets to use, luxurious places to travel…still we complain…greedy souls!!
And look at these poor little humans, they live happily with whatever is given to them even if they don’t have a nibble to bite or rags to cover themselves…

Poverty is a punishment for the crime you did not make.

You kill a child :

  • When you take more than you can eat
  • When you eat till you are more than full
  • When you throw away the rest

Every 3.6 secs a person dies of hunger, 75% of them are kids.

Together, let’s pledge not to push the food into dustbins where millions are dying of hunger, every minute!! 

“Let us be the change we wish to see” – M K Gandhi


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