Dear Crush, PS : I Love You – Part 8

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Meeting someone accidently and having them become a huge part of your life – I exactly started feeling this with Amit.  The excitement of stage performance with Amit stimulated the adrenaline rush in me.  I kept rolling over the bed with butterflies in my stomach. It was a night with mixed feelings thinking about Amit and our performance together.

Zzzz Zzzz – the phone vibrated!! The best feeling in the world is when you start missing someone and suddenly you receive a message sayingHi! Tomr morn 8am il pick u from d bus stop. Good night sweet dreams J” That night I was sure that a month of togetherness sparked our souls and it was not just about friendship, it was something more…something excited…something that can’t be explained…

The next morning, Amit messaged that he would drop me in college on his bike. I was nervous yet overexcited and dressed to impress. All the singers were informed to be dressed up in Indian attire and it was my first time to wear an anarkali suit. I always believed – girl’s most beautiful outfit is her charisma, the prettiest accessory is her smile, and the best pair of heels is her confidence. Simplicity defines me best. My parents were delighted to see their tom boy turning into a beautiful princess. And the common dialog by every mom, followed – “Nazar na lage”.

I reached the bus stop and was waiting for Amit. Soon a cruiser bike stood in front of me and honked. It was Amit.

“Hey Pooja!”, said Amit.

He helped me to get seated comfortably behind him.

“You look stunningly gorgeous”, he complimented.

“Thank you, you are no less”, I blushed.

He was wearing an ivory white khadi kurta that highlighted his brawny personality and bulging biceps. His chiseled jaw with light stubble glued my eyes. He seemed like a perfect man any girl would crave for.

“Umm nervous?”, he asked.

“With you, never”, I whispered.

“Did I hear something?”, he asked.

“Umm no, a bit nervous, never faced such huge audience before, hope everything goes well!!”, I exclaimed.

“Can I take your picture to prove to all my friends that angels do exist?”, he winked.

I blushed and before I could utter a word anything, he clicked my picture and showed me how pretty I looked.

“There isn’t a word in the dictionary to describe how good you look.”, he complimented.

I was Awww struck at his cheesy lines and fell for him. And I respected him a lot more as he never tagged me as babes, hotty etc. He always gave me personal space and made me comfortable.

“Is this your first time in traditional attire? Never seen you being so girly in college”, he asked.

“Yeah! My first time for most of the things.”, I winked.

Reached our campus and parked the vehicle. He helped me climb down and behaved like a perfect gentleman. I felt proud to be associated with him for the duet singing, and that certainly made many girls jealous.

Annual day celebrations in the campus seemed to be in full swing and all were busy with the rehearsals. The college suddenly appeared like a party hall. Cafeteria was attractively decorated with all the hues of shimmer. Kiosks of various events were placed with volunteers helping the students all over.

It was our D-day – a month long rehearsals finally put to show in front of huge crowd of thousands of excited students. After the last round of rehearsals and mock practice, we were called backstage to be ready for the event of duet singing. I was very anxious and excited in anticipation, heartbeats were faster than before. The evening doomed under the flood lights and spot lights.

“Now I call upon our new duet Jodi of the season – Amit and Pooja to set the stage on fire”, were the words used to describe us. It was the time to face the appealing crowd.

I held Amit’s arm tightly. He in turn touched my palm, placed his hands in mine and looked into my eyes and said, “I Love You”.


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