Save water Save lives…

             The best way to find ourselves is to lose ourselves in the service of others – Mahatma Gandhi

In our third visit to Purandar, 52 volunteers from TechM Pune have once again proved that true happiness brings more richness than all the money in the world. Under the flagship of TMF (Tech Mahindra Foundation), Josh , Kalpana Ma’am, Manoj Sir, Vijay Sir and voluntary support by our associates, Tech Mahindra provides whole hearted support in illuminating the life of people in the drought affected area with the help from a leading NGO ‘Pani Panchayat’.


On weekends, sparing a day for the organizational activities is undoubtedly the most difficult task one could do. Nevertheless, 52 associates from Tech Mahindra including 3 families and 5 cute little kids turned up on Saturday morning. There was no bound on the energy and vigor the associates possessed. Everyone had a warm smile on their face, hoping to make most out of the activity and ready to welcome new challenges. We all gathered near Sharda Centre at 9.30am, though few were late to be on board. There were different people coming from different IBU’s but everyone had the same mission to be accomplished, same goal to be fulfilled and same intention to be satisfied.


Since this time we had 76 associates registering for the event (which is the maximum count so far), there were two buses arranged for the journey.   The first bus left 15 mins prior to the second one as the later one was awaiting the late comers. Everyone settled on their seats with their own groups in their comfort zone. Since our motto is POWER of ONE, we do not support alienation. After few mins, we started with the introduction session; which was an ice breaker.  Later, games like antakshari and fish market helped the associates to intermingle and soon we all became good friends.


We reached the NGO office, Purandar  at 12pm after a 60km+ journey from TechM Sharda. People from Pani Panchayat(GGP) gave us a warm welcome and explained us the cause/effect/resolution for the draught condition.


GGP has been working with neighboring villages around the training center at village Khalad Tal Purandar to develop a “Panchcroshi “model based on local resource mapping, (land,water,energy), planning for food security for the local Community and marketable surplus with assured price and gainful employment for the local youths through livelihood multi skill training.


As the year 2011 and 2012 have been scarcity years because of the scanty rainfall of less than 250mm, acute water shortage and drought situation is prevailing in the area. GGP team visited few villages nearby and selected Kumbharwalan & Ekhatpur  villages for the intervention where, within couple of weeks, we can execute the project with local participation and harvest the water in the return monsoon to recharge the ground water level. The project is economically supported by Tech Mahindra along with the group of volunteers whose active participation & efforts have sown the seeds of hope for the villagers. The smallest seed of faith is better than largest fruit of happiness.


The volunteers were divided into groups & were delegated various activities such as digging, mulching, carrying the mud, removing the weeds, planting saplings etc. It was an alleviator to carry out some physical activity and maintain a state of equilibrium to balance our work life, for people who spend 80% of their day in front of computer screens and artificial air.  We had people ranging from 40+years to toddlers of 1.5 years amongst our volunteers, who had a good bunch of enthusiasm stacked in themselves. The seeds of today would be the flowers of tomorrow.


Khoon pasina ek kar diya Purandar wasiyon ke liye 🙂

We were apprized about the benefits of Ayurveda and its importance in our day to day living which was presented by Dr. Sonali and her mother Kalpana tai. Trees such as gudvel which is useful for curing high fever and other similar plantations were possessing medicinal properties were shown to volunteers. Also, we were briefed and shown how the water is stored, irrigated and provided to plants during scanty rainfall; planting the plants which are beneficial and suitable to grow in water scarce areas, the Ayurvedic properties they possessed, etc were discussed.


Lunch was served by the NGO which had the flavors of village food & tasted utterly delicious. Post lunch and pre-lunch activities were done in groups for associates to intermingle with all.


Planting a sapling was one of the most celestial activities which instigated and inspired the HUMAN in us.  The day at the NGO ended after the tea break. We boarded the bus for Pune at 5pm followed by songs and dance of the latest tunes in the bus.


Here we put an end to the never fatiguing and always an inspiring visit to Purandar.

Let our actions speak louder than our words.

Team Tech Mahindra



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