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Dear Crush, PS : I Love You – Part 7

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“Yes definitely! Didn’t I speak sense?”

By the time we could decide the song, we reached our destination. It was a sea facing restaurant with serene and calm ambience that was family friendly. We had a fun filled chat, followed by delicious delicacies with introductions turning into stories and strangers turning into friends. I thoroughly enjoyed my day in Amit’s company, it was a special evening spent with new found special people. As promised to mom, I had to reach home before the clock struck 9, seems like Cinderella tale, aint it? And who else could be better than Amit to drop me home?

We wrapped up and left the restaurant early so that we could reach home on time. I had the best company with Amit, on our way back home we hashed out about ourselves and got to know more about each other. The most astonishing part I realized about Amit was that he was a southie, in fact the most handsome & fair guy ever, that too from my community, and his full name was Amit Narayan. It was the best day of my life to have a stranger turn into friend with a pinch of belonging of existing from the same community.

Soon we reached the lane connecting my house and it was time to bid goodbye to the most enthralling and exciting evening with my “crush”. I wished him again and thanked for giving me an evening worth cherishing. “Bye, good night and take care”, were his last words before we parted away.

I couldn’t sleep; it was Amit in my mind all night. Was that just a puppy love? Why only HIM? Oh Gosh! Why have I started thinking so much about him? I think should sleep now.

The next day, we met in the bus and since then we started meeting often and traveled together. The annual day was approaching and we lacked rehearsals. So we thought to finalize the songs for duet singing. Amit and I had a mutual affinity towards old Bollywood melodies; I selected few romantic oldies and gave Amit few options to select from these; ‘Chura liya hai tumne’, ‘Chalte Chalte yuhi koi milgaya’, ‘Kora kagaz tha ye mann mera’, ‘Baahon me chale aao’, ‘Abhi na jao chodkar’,’Pyar hua ikrar’, ‘Pal pal dil ke paas’. And as expected, he selected ‘Chura lia hai tumne’, and we started with our rehearsals after college hours.

When you are happy, you sing. But when you turn emotional, you understand the lyrics. Each and every word of the song instigated my feelings towards him. It was becoming difficult to hide my emotions and spend time with Amit, thanks to his never ending coquete; it brought us pretty close in just few days!

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Namaste! I'm a traveller & I haven't left my career to travel, because I love my weekdays as much as my weekends. With my full time job, I've managed to leave my footprints in 8 countries & a thousand cities. I'm also an hobbyist photographer who loves to capture memories. I love being consumed by fitness activities and sports that lead to an aberration to normalcy. I believe in LIVING life & not just survive. I'm a human being who's humble enough to know that I'm not better than anyone but wise enough to know that I'm different from the rest. If you have the power to make someone happy, do it now, the world needs it :) Spread smiles :)

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