Dear Crush, PS : I Love You – Part 6

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“Hey teacher’s pet, someone said they don’t bunk lectures”, he said jokingly.

“Hi, I aint bunking any, I am going home as our pracs got cancelled.” I said in low tone.

“Wow!! That’s great, why don’t you guys join us, you can bring your friends along”

I was so happy to hear this, immediately I asked my friends and they agreed. Soon I ringed up my parents and they also permitted me to go out. I introduced my friends to Amit and vice versa. My friends already started teasing me with weird expressions pointing towards Amit.

After the discussion on place and transport, we decided to leave on bikes and I had no other option left than to join someone. My friend Alok also had a bike so Kushi left with him and intentionally left me alone so that I ride with Amit. At times friends are such bliss, they understand every bit of emotions without expressing it.

Thank God! I was on cloud nine. I left with Amit towards Marine Drive – the most prestigious scenic beauty of Mumbai. It was for the second time on same day that I rode on bike with the same guy and decided to hang around the place with friends.

Suddenly after 15 mins of ride, Amit stopped at one corner of the street.

“What happened?” I asked in a peculiar tone.

“Don’t you like surprises? Why do you keep inquiring all the time?” replied Amit.

“Surprise? For me? What’s it? I guess it is your birthday and not mine”

“If I tell you what it is, do you think it would remain a surprise? Come on now get down”

“We haven’t reached yet. Why did you take a halt here? Our friends have moved far ahead”, I enquired anxiously.

“Will you stop asking questions and walk with me?” he ordered.

I was a bit nervous since it was my first time to go out with a guy and moreover he made this trip even scarier after he stopped his bike. I texted both my friends and shared my location information with them, I know I am being a freak but can’t help.

He dragged me to one of the best sunset point in Mumbai near Bandstand, Bandra. I was mesmerized by the view of the mighty sun, blushing in intense hues of red, dipped under silver clouds with the gentle glow on the horizon. I felt divine and speechless. Being in Mumbai for so long, I never explored this part of it and it was due to Amit, that I could witness the sight.

“WOW! I don’t wish to go anywhere else. I am in love with this place.”

“Only place?”, whispered Amit.


“Nah Nothing, I’m glad you liked it.”

“Thanks a lot Amit, you made my day”

“Shall we move now, others are waiting? I hope you aren’t planning to settle here”

“What if I say, I would love to stay back”, I winked.

“Am I hearing something that I shouldn’t? Or god has been kind enough to grant such a wish”, he bragged.

“hehehe enough of SRK in you, let’s go now.”

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