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Dear Crush, PS : I Love You – Part 4

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“Gosh!! Why is this getting so difficult for me? Should I call Amit Narayan? What if he turns out to be someone else?” I murmured to myself, as I folded the blanket and got down from the bed.
To my surprise, another text popped in…”A very good morning to the lovely lady 😉 How was the surprise? Liked it?”

There’s no other guy in this universe, other than Mr. Prince Charming – the only philanderer I know. I was wondering whether to text back or to meet him personally. Apparently, I decided to meet him & show my happiness in person than responding via text.

I was on cloud nine & could hardly conceal my exhilaration. I thanked God for giving me such an ecstasy to spend some quality time with Mr. Philanderer.

I decided to wear my stunning black top (which according to my friends, looked pretty on me). It had a little shimmer on the sleeve with a rose embroidered at the bottom right corner. I paired it up with my cream colored capris, along with a pair of dark brown moccasins.

It definitely caught everyone’s attention as I never dressed to impress.

 If a girl makes her sincere efforts to look good, then it definitely shouldn’t go unnoticed.

I got ready for my college, expecting Amit to be in the same bus. When I reached the bus stop, the bus arrived. I boarded the bus, but unfortunately, my eyes couldn’t locate him. Before I could buy a ticket, a text popped in my inbox reading, “Pretty lady in black, are your eyes searching for me 😉 if so get down at the next bus stop, I will pick you up”

OMG! Am I creating a notional world for myself? Where did he see me? Is he seriously asking me ? Anyways I have no time to ponder upon my luck now. “Pooja stop thinking and get down, you won’t get this opportunity again” my heart dominated the mind.

Though it seemed foolish to get down with the reason of boarding a wrong bus, I somehow managed to get down at the next stop.

“Pooja, look here”, Amit shouted from behind.

I was stunned looking at Amit, it was for the first time I looked at him so close & personal. He had a jaw line that could chisel the granite, eyes that were shielded with tinted blue Ray Ban, steep nose that made its way out noticeably, raven black shiny hair that couldn’t stop falling down the hairline. With his metallic black HONDA CBR, he just seemed like an actor out of the DHOOM series. I just couldn’t get over him; he truly seemed like a PRINCE CHARMING.

“What happened? Why are you so shocked? Haven’t you seen me before?” asked Amit.

I shouldn’t be telling him that he is the one I am looking for, that would sound very outspoken. His physical traits stunned me today. As I couldn’t blurt out my words, I tried to produce another piece of statement that would do justice to my astonished expression.

“I expected you to be in bus, how come on bike today?” I asked.

“Birthday boy needs some special treatment, doesn’t he?” he winked.

“OHHHH!!! It’s your birthday today? I’m so sorry, I dint knew, a very happy birthday to you, may you have all the happiness!!” I wished him.

“Thanks dear. Shall we leave now?”

“Oh yes surely, I am honored to get a ride with you on such a wonderful occasion.” I answered as I blushed.

It was for the first time I sat on a bike with a guy, on whom I had the first crush of my life. Never felt so excited before. I wished for a long ride with an incessant & uninterrupted conversation.

As I managed to settle myself on the rear seat, he offered me help to hold his shoulder. But since I was not comfortable with that, I preferred to hold the handle behind the seat, keeping my bag between us.

“Please drive slowly, I am scared of bikes & speed”, I whispered to him.

“Wear my helmet and sit comfortably, don’t worry I am there, you can hold me”, he sounded so responsible.

“Why this helmet? I hope the brakes are fine”, I was in worry.

“Your questions sound like a preschooler”, he chuckled and we started our first ride together. Little did I know that it would turn out to be the most unanticipated day of my life?

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Namaste! I'm a traveller & I haven't left my career to travel, because I love my weekdays as much as my weekends. With my full time job, I've managed to leave my footprints in 8 countries & a thousand cities. I'm also an hobbyist photographer who loves to capture memories. I love being consumed by fitness activities and sports that lead to an aberration to normalcy. I believe in LIVING life & not just survive. I'm a human being who's humble enough to know that I'm not better than anyone but wise enough to know that I'm different from the rest. If you have the power to make someone happy, do it now, the world needs it :) Spread smiles :)

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