Are you ready to travel? Here is your checklist…

Travel – the word that arouses our soul and stimulates the energy level.
We all belong to the class of travelers who always tend to leave that one item mentioned  in our checklist.

Here is the list of bare essentials I carry while  travelling on my own/solo (few may be location specific):

  1. Your tickets/passport/photo ID’s/address proof should be carried along with a photocopy of each.
  2. Know where you are headed to. Make a list of all places to see and things to do and keep a printed copy along with a soft copy in your inbox. Check the climate, temperature and cuisine of the place you want to travel.
  3. Make sure you book your accommodation in advance, if your visit is during the peak season (else it will be difficult to find vacant rooms).
  4. Athithi devo bhava” which means “Guest is God”. Instead of staying in a hotel, you may opt for homestays. They cater personalized attention and hospitality and serve the delicacies with local flavors.
  5. Always carry a jacket and a stole, it helps you defend heat/cold (a must needed shield for female travelers)
  6. Cellphones today are considered as basic necessity. Being connected always is the new trend. So don’t forget your GPS enabled mobile with offline maps functionality. Download the necessary travel apps. Most important – don’t forget your power bank.
  7. A bottle of water and dry food/energy bars/chocolates is a must in your backpack. Specifically for long journeys.
  8. Though mosquito repellents (if your are travelling to beaches or jungles) and sun screens (if you are travelling at high altitudes) are not a basic necessity, nevertheless it is a travel essential for some.
  9. By carrying minimum clothes, you can enjoy maximum places. I travel with only one backpack on my shoulders. You can reuse your clothes in cool areas – don’t forget a deodorant though 😀
  10. Keep a Swiss knife and torch always handy. It’s better to be safe than be sorry.
  11. Camera is something I can never forget to carry. But don’t forget the memory cards and charger along. It’s a basic necessity to treasure your memories and record your journey. A picture is worth thousand words!
  12. Tissues/newspapers/polythene bags/ziplocks are always helpful and useful while travelling.
  13. Carry a pair of slippers and shoes (with socks). If you are visiting a place during monsoons, don’t forget to carry a raincoat/poncho (better than an umbrella).
  14. Medicines prescribed by your doctor if any.
    Tablets for sea/travel sickness, high altitude, etc
  15. Spare glasses  if you wear spectacles.
  16. Cash and cards. if you are travelling to another country make sure you carry enough FOREX.
  17. Carry a small waist-pouch or a sling bag to keep your cash and valuables.

Other personal items may be included in your list. However, you will not regret bringing any of these items.

Happy Holidays!!!
(Carry less, enjoy more)

(Was this helpful? Go ahead and share your experience too…comments are welcomed)


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  1. Nomadosauras says:

    Great Post! I ‘ll like to use the picture in this post on my blog someday! If you don’t mind, can you mail me a copy with a watermark of your blog?
    Keep blogging 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ruchi says:

      Hi, thank you so much.
      I would be happy to share them.
      Can you please email ( the destinations you need?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Rushi Pradhan says:

    Staying physically fit and active is also of prime importance from the point of view of having maximum fun during trip and also safety point .


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