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The onset of my journey…


2 months ago, I typed “kerala” in Google’s search box, little did I know that I would be writing this blog.

After a few searches and virtual explorations, I was adamant to pick up “Kerala” as my next destination.

I decided to go on a solo trip and explore the God’s own Country. But before I could decide, I had to overcome the biggest hurdle – hearing a “YES” from my parents for a solo trip.

NOTE: When you travel solo, have confidence and be open to everything. But do only what you want.

When I put forth my decision in front of my parents, they were apprehensive about my stay there. And also for the fact that I did not know Malayalam, it was an added burden on my shoulder. After a tremendous research, learning malayalam words and googling on Kerala, I came out with a week’s plan and shortlisted the accommodations and the travel plan. Somehow my parents couldn’t get convinced about a solo female traveler in the land of non-English & non-Hindi speaking community. But my inflexibility towards accepting a “YES” was fruitful. Hence, I convinced my dad to join me in exploring Kerala. Nevertheless, God wanted me to explore HIS country on my own without my parent’s help. Last minute cancellations and change in plan cropped in. Thereafter, I decided to ask my friends, some were ready & some were hesitant. Luckily, found a girl who was equally eager to travel as I. tickets booked, itinerary fixed, packing done…get set go. After an extensive planning, 2 months of my virtual tour of Kerala had come to an end.

On the d-day, I traveled from Pune to board my train from LTT ,Mumbai and that was definitely not a cakewalk.  30secs late and Alas! I would have missed the train. It was a “JAB WE MET” moment, running and boarding the train like GEET. Unfortunately, not a DDLJ moment 😉 My friend boarded the train after an hour from a different station. Phew!! so damn happy to begin my journey and explore KERALA.

Girls ready to rock

Not until we are lost, do we begin to understand ourselves” – Henry David



Namaste! I'm a traveller & I haven't left my career to travel, because I love my weekdays as much as my weekends. With my full time job, I've managed to leave my footprints in 8 countries & a thousand cities. I'm also an hobbyist photographer who loves to capture memories. I love being consumed by fitness activities and sports that lead to an aberration to normalcy. I believe in LIVING life & not just survive. I'm a human being who's humble enough to know that I'm not better than anyone but wise enough to know that I'm different from the rest. If you have the power to make someone happy, do it now, the world needs it :) Spread smiles :)

One thought on “The onset of my journey…

  1. You are one interesting person! So glad to find a girl who is not just into marriage and money and actually exploring her innerself! Kudos 🙂


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