Dear Crush, PS : I Love You – Part 3

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A lovely morning, birds chirping, the sun showing its orange warmth and cool breeze blowing away the curtains of my window… it’s a pleasant climate to tuck beneath one’s blanket!

After snoozing the alarm – fourth time, mom entered the room & slowly gave a pat on my back “Pooja, wake up dear, its 8 already!” The intensity of the number 8 woke me up in panic.

The clock ticked 8 and I was late; I hurriedly got ready and left for college without breakfast. Mom came shouting till the gate, though I was very hungry, I declined to have my breakfast and started walking briskly. My first lecture was at 9.15 which I couldn’t afford to lose. Luckily, As soon as I reached the bus stop, I managed to get the bus in time. After boarding the bus, the conductor asked me for the destination, I told him the name of the stop and started searching for my wallet in the bag, and soon I realized that I had left it on my study table last night. I was cursing myself for the carelessness I showed. Nevertheless, there was Mr. Prince Charming, sitting in the bus. He seemed so adorable in his white graphic tee and rusty denims, that I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Before I could speak to him, he bought my ticket from the conductor. Later, he offered me a seat next to him (seemed as though it was reserved for me), I considered myself lucky but at the same time I cursed myself for being dressed mediocrely, next to a handsome hunk. We exchanged smiles and I thanked him for the ticket.

“Thanks a lot for my ticket. I will surely return the ticket amount tomorrow.”

“Chill, don’t worry, you need not pay for this. And I never take cash from pretty girls like you”, said Amit.

Whatsoever, last night I was craving to start my conversation with Amit, and there the Cupid blessed me with my wish! I felt lucky for having an opportunity to know more about him in person.

“How did you know I was in need of money?” I asked him.

“Well, as far as the common sense & my personal experience goes, any person searching inside the bag when the Conductor asks for money, surely needs a help…!!!”, answered Amit.

I smiled with an essence of blush and asked “What else do you do apart from being there at the right moment whenever I need help?” I asked.

He chuckled and answered “Bingo!! That’s my work! You are smart enough to understand that”.

As soon as we started talking, a pregnant lady boarded the bus, and seeing her, Amit offered his seat. Though I was impressed by his benevolence, the fact that he had to stand aloof and not communicate, disappointed me.

We reached our college bus stop. I thought, we could communicate a little more until the college gate. But in vain, my friends popped in and dragged me away, must say – as soon as the flower blooms, the bees come uninvited!!

Somehow we managed to bid each other good bye with our expressions (though the bye seemed hard)

After the conversation in bus, I got to know that his class was near the water cooler. Though he was a year senior to me, fortunately we were on same floor. Whenever I went near the cooler, I got conscious even in his absence. This was the time when the song popped in my mind Teri ek jhalak mil jaye tho, din ban jaye…:D !!

The day went smoothly without any assignment for homework. Phew! I felt blessed.

After reaching home, I took a short nap, heavenly blissful indeed.

On my sister’s arrival, I woke up. Tonight, she had the responsibility of preparing the dinner for all, as mom was out. Though mom had explained di about the procedure, she was still worried to try her hand out at alu parantha. Finally we did it, though she did 90% of the work, I was given half the credit. Mom arrived for the dinner, tasted a bit of the delicacy we prepared and said in happiness, “Now my girl can cook & no one can decline her for the marriage proposal”.

“Ufff, these mommies… they will never improve”, di whispered to me. How is cooking related to getting a good marriage proposal?

Dad was contended too and we all had a satisfied family treat. We were happy & satisfied, since it was our first time and luckily the recipe turned out to be delicious!

It was 10.30 pm, after spending good quality time with my family, I went to bed. Di had some office work, so she continued to play with the Excel sheet.

Tringgggggg…..the alarm rang, and as usual I snoozed it.

After a while, Beep beep…

My phone buzzed with a message. It was from the Event head of singing competition, the message read, “Hi, we’ve selected u 4 duet singing with Amit Narayan. Theme: Romantic Hits. His no is 9920****** kindly coordinate amongst urself & prepare for the event. Al d bst” with only an eye open I read the text.

I rubbed my eyes and read the text again. Was that a dream or reality? I pinched myself to get out of this illusion.

Next Part

Freaks!!!! That was actually a sms in reality and not my imagination.

Is Amit Narayan the same Prince Charming or is he someone else? I was left with so many questions unanswered…


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