Dear Crush, PS : I Love You – Part 2

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The event head walked towards the dais to declare the result. I appealed to God to save me from the embarrassment of getting rejected in front of him. My hands were trembling in anxiety.

“Don’t worry, you will make it, believe me”, he held my hand between his palms and pacified me. His touch was warm enough to soothe me.

But I was not comfortable with his touch. Immediately I withdrew my hand from his. He sensed my discomfort and apologized.

Soon, the results were announced…

To my amazement, I heard my name.

I couldn’t believe that I made it to the list of finalists.

“Congratulations to our debut singer”, said Amit.

“Thank you so much, without your support I wouldn’t be able to do it.” I whispered.

Tring tring…

My phone rang; it was from a friend who was standing outside, waiting eagerly to know my result.

I cut the call and immediately left the auditorium. As I opened the door, I saw my gang standing outside the door, all puzzled.

I ran up to them with a big smile on my face & a sense of pride for my achievement.

“Before you utter a word, tell me where the party is?” asked Alok.

Alok, he is an all-time glutton in my group, who just needs an opportunity to hog.

“Wherever you say, I’m so happy! Thanks for registering my name, you all deserve a treat”, I replied.

“Whom are we waiting for? Let’s bunk and go…” shouted everyone.

“shhhhh! No bunking. We will leave after we finish all the lectures for the day”, I replied.

“You will never improve! Studious geek…!”, whispered Alok.

We went to our classroom and attended the lectures. At 4pm, our group messages started beeping on everyone’s cellphone. The only thing we learnt during a serious lecture is typing messages without looking at the phone. Since I sat on first bench, it was difficult for me to have a glance on my screen.  It was getting difficult for all of us to sit till 5.30pm.

Funny but true, when you are on your bed for 5 mins, an hour passes by, but when in lecture even an hour seems like a minute. Its 5.25pm, we were eagerly awaiting the long bell to set us free.

As soon as the bell rang, we all picked our bags and rushed towards the main gate. Since there was no option feasible for all of us, we decided to head towards McD’s. Amongst my lovely crowd, something left me incomplete. I looked back; soon to realize that he too was staring at me. It was weird; I never knew a silent smile could leave so many questions unanswered!

From the main gate, we got into auto rickshaws, which charged minimum fare to the destination. Sitting in the auto and looking at the mirror fading out his smiley face, few thoughts popped in. Why did I look back? Why was he staring at me? Does he like me or is he just flirting around? Why am I thinking about him so much? Why did he hold my hand? Why????

“Pooja, what happened? What are you thinking? We have reached, come on get down, let the driver leave”, said Urvi.

“Oh ya”, I got down from the auto and tried to get over him.

We ordered the menu. The queue was too long, hence I decided to get the order and let my friends sit; I took both the trays and started walking slowly towards the table. To my amazement, I saw Amit approaching me with huge smile on his face. I couldn’t stop smiling at him. He came and held one of the trays for me; perhaps he knew it was getting difficult for me to balance both of them. He handed over the tray to my friend and immediately left the place, even before I could thank him.

I wondered why???

Why does he help and vanish all of a sudden? How does he know I might need help? How does he manage the perfect timing?

That night was difficult for me. I couldn’t sleep as I do normally. All I had in front of me was his ever smiling face. I decided to get more information about him the next day. “Should I ask him out for a cup of coffee? Or should I wait for him to initiate our next meeting?” dilemma running all over my mind.

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