Dear Crush, PS : I Love You – Part 1

Tall and handsome, broad shoulders and well-built biceps, I glanced at him only to realize that he too was staring at me. His rusty jeans and black body hugging tee, made him noticeable. As soon as I diverted my attention, he came walking towards me.

“Hi, I’m Amit”, he introduced himself with a pleasant smile on his face.

“Hi”, I said with a puzzled expression on my face.

“Hey, nice to meet you, may I know your name?”

“I am sorry, but do we know each other?” I enquired.

“Yes certainly, I see you at the bus stop regularly”, he said.

I was astounded by his statement. Little did I realize that someone kept a watch on me? weire

“Seeing at the bus stop daily doesn’t mean we are supposed to be friends.”

“whooaahhh!!! Impressive attitude.” He said.

“I am getting late for my lecture now, cya.” I cut the conversation and moved towards my classroom.

It sounded strange, in fact a bit weird, but I wanted to know more about him.

Days passed, I got busy with my work and I had little time to think about Amit.  Whenever we met in the corridor, we exchanged smiles.

Annual day was approaching and we had selections for the singing competition in our college. I was forced to participate in the selection round, since my friends thought I had a good voice. It was the selection day and I was nervous head to toe. Finally, it was my turn, with the trembling hands, nervousness reflecting on my face, I was unable to hold the mike properly.  I guess that’s where the angels step in; he came close and held the mike for me. With a bit of apprehensiveness, I held the mike swiftly I started singing, and was soon followed by a big round of applause. That certainly made me happy.

I climbed down the elevated platform and walked towards him.

“Thank you so much”.

“Pleasure is all mine beautiful”, he replied and sat next to me.

I felt the cords striking, the way he rescued the damsel in distress, attracted me towards him.

I wanted our conversation to continue, but we had to maintain pin drop silence for other participants to sing.

“Are you here to sing or manage the event?” I whispered.

“Can’t I be here to hear your melodious voice?” he smiled.

“You certainly can. So should I consider you as an audience here?” I asked.

“Keep waiting, it’s a surprise”, he winked.

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