Leh Ladakh – A heavenly encounter (Part1)

“Once a year travel to a place you have never been before” – Dalai Lama.

After pondering for a fortnight, I decided to break all bonds and take my love for adventure to new heights, which were bundled with apprehension and presentiment from family & friends. After the most enthralling experience of scuba diving and getting certified as Level 1 diver, finally I decided to put a tick against another escapade – a bike expedition to Leh Ladakh.

Leh Ladakh – an Adventurous Photographer’s dream destination!!

Beauty that lingers in my heart - 2

I believe nothing happens when you sit at home. I, along with my gang of young enthusiasts planned to accomplish destination Ladakh on bikes. Soon, the Enfield’s were transported to Chandigarh and the train journey started from Pune to Delhi via Duranto Express.

Delhi welcomed us with wet roads and dark clouds; we replenished our stomach with smoking hot food in a restaurant overlooking the downpour. Delhi to Chandigarh was yet another relaxing roadway watching the historical monuments and architectural delights.

Lunch in Punjab’s Pehelwaan-da-dhaba was finger licking and scrumptious.

Punjabi Tadka

We were amused with the amount of unadulterated butter we were served on paranthas and the big clay pot containing heavy dose of lassi, phew!!


Burrppp…stomach has shown its size after the heavy dose of delicacy.

pehelwaan da dabha

Although the sleepy journey continued, the pleasant view from the window kept our eye glued to the countryside scenic beauty.


(Destination Chandigarh to be continued….)


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